Cuprinol Les Mess Fence Care fence panel paint

Cuprinol Less Mess Fence Care Paint

Cuprinol Garden Shades 2.5 Litre

Cuprinol Garden Shades 2.5 Litre

Cuprinol Less Mess Fence Care Paint

Cuprinol Less Mess Fence Care in 6 LItre, has been developed
specially for exterior rough sawn timber to protect and colour shed,
fence panels 

  • 6 Litres Covers up to 30m2 with 1 coat or 10 fence panels
  • 5 Colours:  Black, Rich Oak, Autumn Red, Woodland Green, Rustic Brown.
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Cuprinol Less Mess Fence Care Application

Stir thoroughly before use. Try a test area first to ensure that colour and adhesion are acceptable. Please note that the colour in the
tub may be different to the final shade when dry. Brush on evenly along the grain. If a deeper colour is required,
more coats can be applied.

Drying Times 

Allow 2-4 hours between coats under normal weather conditions. Product should only be used on rough sawn timber.
Do not apply in temperatures below 5 degrees C, in damp conditions or if rain is likely before the product has dried. If using more than one can it is advisable to mix them together in a larger container or finish painting in a corner before starting a new can. Dry: 2-4 hours. Drying times can vary depending on the nature of the surface and the weather conditions.


Ensure surfaces to be painted are clean. Remove any mould, lichen, algae or moss using an appropriate fungicidal wash.

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