Summer House Melanie palmako

Melanie Garden Summer House

Hanna Summer House Building

Hanna Garden Summer House

Nordic LY Panel Summer House

Nordic LY Panel Summer House

Melanie Garden Summer House

Melanie Palmako Summer House Log Cabin features
double doors and two side windows. The Melanie summer
house offers a place to relax and enjoy your garden or  as
a place to entertain guests  

  • 2800mm x 2800mm Footprint
  • 2850mm Height  
  • Direct Home Delivery 4-6 Weeks.
  • Flat Pack Item 
  • Includes Roofing Shingle Packs
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Melanie Palmako

The timber used in the construction of the Melanie is Nordic Spruce Timber, the logs are chalet cut which give better protection against wind or rain and the roof / floor boards are sturdy tongue and groove.

  • Nordic Spruce Wood
  • Chalet Cut Logs
  • Pressure Treated Foundation Joists
  • Tongue and Groove Roof / Floor Boards
  • Laminated Door Frame
  • Low Door Sill
  • Cylinder Lock
  • Wind Braces
  • Assembly Kit
  • 5 Year Guarantee

Flat Pack unassembled.

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