Creosote Traditional Jet Black Bird Brand 25 Litres

Traditional Jet Black Creosote 25 Litres

Traditional Dark Brown creosote treatment

Traditional Dark Brown Creosote 25 Litres

Traditional Jet Black Creosote 25 Litres

Creosote Traditional Jet Black 25 Litre Container.
This product is for Trade Professionals only 

Size: 25 litres
Colour: black.
Coverage: 3 - 5 metres square per litre

Traditional Original Creosote for timber wood protection.
Ideal for use on barns, fencing and posts, sheds and timber
wooden structures.
By purchasing this product you are confirming that you
are professional trades person.

Users should download MSDS for health & safety advice
and for your COSHH records.  Bird Brand Product

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Professional Bird Brand Traditional Creosote  is only available to Trade professional users.
From 30th June 2003 only Trade professionals can purchase & use 25 - 200 Litre size containers

  • Trade Professionals includes agricultural farmers, small holders and industrials.
  • It is up to the trade professional person to conduct a COSHH assessment & ensure that it
    will not cause any harm or irritation:            In parks, gardens or public areas It should not
    be used
    on any containers or pots that come into contact with food stuffs. 
  • Not for use on children’s play equipment.
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