150mm oak post

1.8mtr x 150mm x 150mm Sawn Oak Post

Oak Post 3000mm x 100mm

3.0mtr x 100mm x 100mm Sawn Oak Post

Solid Oak Sawn Post 150mm

2.4mtr x 150mm x 150mm Sawn Oak Post

1.8mtr x 150mm x 150mm Sawn Oak Post

Sawn Green Oak Post 1800mm x 150mm x 150mm, QP1 graded
that has been sourced from European Stock, and suitable
for construction use. 

PEFCTM Certificate number SA-PEFC/COC-003897

In stock
  • Length: 1.8mtr
  • Width:   150mm x 150mm
  • QP1 Grade

Green oak or part seasoned oak is called so due to its high water content which is present in all trees before and
after they are felled and dried out.  Green oak takes approximately 1 year per inch to dry so a standard oak
beam could take as long as 5 years.

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