Rapasorb Horse Bedding

Rapasorb Straw Horse Bedding Bale

Rapasorb Straw Horse Bedding Bale

Bed-Down Rapasorb horse bedding is manufactured
from high quality rape straw and  dust extracted to
safeguard respiratory health.

A pleasant fragrance is also added to keep
the stable fresh 

Rapasorb is more absorbent than conventional
straw and it is also very durable, warm and
comfortable ensuring that your horse will be
happy and safe when stabled.

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How to use Rapasorb

Rapasorb works best by establishing a bed of between 3” – 4” as this will allow the wet to filter through to the base and the top will stay dry and clean.  Rapasorb can be mucked out fully daily but for the best and most economical result follow below:

To Start – use approximately 6 bales (12 x 12 stable) to start the bed.  This will make a deep and comfortable bed.

Daily – Remove droppings on a daily basis and tidy bed. 

Weekly – Remove the wet patch and top up the bed with fresh Rapasorb.

For more information Call : 01359 257 443

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