Plastisol Box Profile  Roofing Sheets 14ft

Plastisol 14ft Box Profile Steel Sheet

Plastisol Box Profile Sheet 13ft Clarkes of Walsham

Plastisol 13ft Box Profile Steel Sheet

Plastisol Roofing Ridge Olive Green

Plastisol Ridge 2.44m X 150mm x 150mm Wing

Plastisol 14ft Box Profile Steel Sheet

14ft Plastisol Coated Steel Sheet Hi30 Box Profile 
The Finish to the weatherside is high quality leathe rgrain Pvc
finish, providing a roofing and cladding material with a longer life,
added protection and durability.
Plastisol box profiled sheets can be used for various applications,
from garage roofs, industrial / commercial & Agricultural  buildings.
Available in all lengths to 24ft.  Cutting Service also available.
In stock
  • 0.5mm thick galvanised sheet 
  • Olive Green Plastisol PVC Coated
  • Cover Width 1000mm
  • Depth 30mm, Pitch 200mm ( See Image )

 Flashings / Ridges / and fixings also available!

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