Corrugated steel tin roof sheets 12ft

12ft Corrugated Steel Roof Sheet

corrugated steel roof sheet

11ft Corrugated Steel Roof Sheet

Corner Galvanised Steel Flashing

Galvanised Corner Flashing 1.829m X 180mm x 180mm Wing 24g

12ft Corrugated Steel Roof Sheet

12ft Length of Corrugated Galvanised Coated Roofing Sheet.
Sheets have been hot dipped zinc coated type H1, with a
minimum of 350 grammes of zinc per square metre to both

533mm cover with a double overlap
Available in all lengths to 25ft.
BSB3080/1988 British Standard Quality

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  • Zinc Coated Type H!  
  • 350g Zinc / Square Mtr
  • 24g Thickness
  • 12ft Length
  • 533mm cover
  • Rolled to BS3083/1988 Standard

Flashings / Ridges / and fixings also available!

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