Gallagher B80 Battery Energizer

B80 12v Battery Energizer

Gallagher B180 Battery Energizer

B180 12v Gallagher Battery Energizer

B80 12v Battery Energizer

B80 Gallagher Battery energizer

Powerful storage-battery powered energizer for
fencing up to 7km.  Suitable for all kinds of animals

12v Battery Not Included 

 More information call 01359 257443.

In stock
  • 0.8 Joules of stored energy
  • Powers up to 7 km of multiwire fencing
  • Built-in battery save features to extend the life of your battery
  • Easy to use 3 stage rotary dial to change energizer operating functions
  • Uses 12V deep cycle rechargeable battery eg. Marine type (battery not included)
  • Ready to use Gallagher solar panels to conveniently charge the battery
  • Bar graph can be used to indicate battery capacity and output voltage.
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