Rugby Post Mix Cement 25kg

Rugby Post Mix 25kg

Fence post Treated Brown

Timber Fence Post 2.7M x 100MM X 100MM Brown Treated

6ft Slotted Concrete Fence Post

6' Ft Concrete Slotted Intermediate Post

Rugby Post Mix 25kg

25kg Rugby Post Mix also known as postcrete is the ideal
time saving solution.  Domestic applications such as fence
post fixing and rotary washing lines  and where you require
quick setting concrete.

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25kg Rugby Post Mix offers exceptional quality, convenience and reliability, ensuring the
right result every time.

  • For fixing fence posts, gates and rotary washing lines
  • 1 bag per post  ( applies 75mm or 100mm Sq x 2400mm) 25kg Bag 
  • No requirement for mixing just add water
  • Sets in 10 minutes 

Cement Health & Safety Guide.Pdf

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