P1Klargester Biotec C/W Pump

Biotec P1Sewage Treatment Plant Outlet Pump

Biotec P1Sewage Treatment Plant Outlet Pump

Klargester Biotec P1 Package Sewage
Treatment Plants for Residential Applications
with Pumped Discharge

Klargester P1 Biotec Package Sewage
Treatment Plant for Residential Applications

The Biotec™ sewage treatment plant
uses the well-proven aerobic biological
process. Treatment is a three-stage process.

1 metre Inlet Invert as standard, please select 1.5 metre
in options panel at additional cost.

 Features And Benefits

 Low-level visibility pedestrian cover

  • Treats sewage using a traditional elevated filter
  • Externally mounted blower for simple maintenance
  • Manufactured from robust GRP

Desludge period - 12 months 
based on full load.  Reduced occupance equates
to increased desludge period  


 Outside Diameter (m)       1.85

Height (m)                            2.2
Inlet invert to base (m)       1.2
Outlet invert to base (m)    1.100

Clarkes Biotec Sales & Information:  01359 257 416 

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BioTec P1 Sewage Treatment Plant (6 pop) Pumped

The Biotec sewage treatment plant is one of the products
that pioneered package treatment plant technology and
remains one of the most popular sewage treatment
plant in the UK & Ireland.

It is ideal for locations where discharge is to sub-surface
irrigation, or to a suitable watercourse (where approved
by the Regulator), and where a septic tank will not meet
the required standards.

The Klargester P1 Biotec is suitable for applications up
to 6 people and is ideal for the following applications:

• Individual dwellings.
• Small constructions.
• Suitable for small - medium sized commercial properties.
• Upgrading your existing septic tank.

Call 01359 257416 to discuss your requirements

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