Concrete Paving Slab 900mm x 600mm

Concrete Paving Slabs 900mm x 600mm

Concrete Paving Slab 600mm x 600mm

Concrete Paving Slabs 750mm x 600mm

Red Riven Peak Patio Slab 450mm

450m x 450mm Red Peak Riven Paving Slabs

Concrete Paving Slabs 900mm x 600mm

900mm x 600mmx 50mm Concrete Paving Slabs are suitable
for high volume pedestrian areas, town centres, Shopping
precincts and can be used for Shed and Oil Tank Bases.

Dimple / Hobnail Finish

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  • Size: 900mm x 600mm x 50mm 
  • Complies with British Standards
  • Cost effective paving solution
  • certified to BS EN 9001:2008 which is independently and
    regularly assessed by BSI (British Standards Institution)
  • British Standard Flag paving is manufactured using a wet pressed
    process and is manufactured in accordance with and complies
    with all relevant sections of BS EN 1339: Precast Concrete Flags – requirements and test methods
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