3p universal collector diverter black

Universal Filter Collector Black


Rainwater Filter Kit A 200m2 Roof Area 254010

3p universal collector diverter grey

Universal Filter Collector Grey

Universal Filter Collector Black

Universal Filter Collector

German design and manufacture.  

Very strong, will last for years.

Just rinse the filter mesh under the tap

The filter will ensure the stored water in the tank
is clean and free from debris.

Clarkes of Walsham 01359 257416


In stock

A truly universal filter.  This unit can be fitted to downpipes
from 68 to 110 mm round or 65mm to 75mm square in other
words it will fit virtually all UK domestic downpipes

Can cope with roof areas up  to 70m2.  Cleanliness or 
harvested water is high.

Colour: Black

Easy to clean the filter - just unscrew , take it out and wash.

Because of its unique design the filter is pulled out
from the side while in situa

Available in White and Grey 

Price included Carriage 

Clarkes of Walsham Limited T:  01359 257416



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